Best 3 Stretching Exercises Before Using an Exercise Bike

Leg injuries are very common when exercise bikes and treadmills are used without prior stretching. When you push your muscles too hard or too fast before they are ready for a hard workout, leg or knee injuries are inevitable. In this post we tried to list simple stretching exercises you can do to prevent any … Read more

The Top 12 Foods in a Heart Healthy Diet

People with high blood pressure or atherosclerosis rarely have any symptoms. They can go for a long time thinking their heart is fine. Then suddenly, they feel a sharp pain in their chest. If their doctor tells them that there’s a problem with their heart or cholesterol level, they’re likely to change their lifestyle. Unfortunately, … Read more

Examples for Improving Running Fitness

Fartlek Training Definition: The Swedish term fartlek means speed play. The fartlek method was developed by Swedish track and field athlete Gustaf Holmér in 1930. Fartlek running typically involves a low-moderate intensity distance run interspersed with periods of fast-paced running. Fartlek running is free and creative, allowing you to run fast or slow according to … Read more

Strong Back • 6 Great Back Strengthening Exercises

Many people think you need weights or a pull-up bar to train your back, but this simply isn’t true. Bodyweight exercises are also an effective way of strengthening your back muscles. The exercises using your own body weight as resistance are usually very complex and great for activating your stabilizing muscles. Why Back Strengthening Exercises … Read more