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Fartlek Training Definition:

The Swedish term fartlek means speed play. The fartlek method was developed by Swedish track and field athlete Gustaf Holmér in 1930. Fartlek running typically involves a low-moderate intensity distance run interspersed with periods of fast-paced running.

Fartlek running is free and creative, allowing you to run fast or slow according to your mood and surroundings. The timing, duration, and intensity of the run are unplanned. 

Traditional fartlek running is continuous and unstructured, using landmarks and terrain as inspiration. A fartlek run might include fast-paced running up a hill or short sprints between lampposts.

Playing with speed using the fartlek training method is a fun way to develop both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems as well as improve performance. 

What Are the Benefits of Fartlek Training?

Running with the fartlek training method requires constant adaptation to terrain and pace. This brings multiple physiological and psychological benefits beyond simple endurance running.    

Fartlek Training Benefits:Have Fun: Fartlek is literally “playing” with speed. The freedom and creativity of choosing your own pace bring satisfaction and motivation.[1]Climb Every Mountain: Taking on…

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