Get Best Exercise Bike Deals on Prime Early Access Sale 2022, October 11-12

Prime Early Access Sale 2022 is here! Prime Early Access Sale is Amazon’s second Prime Day-level deals event of the year. It falls on Tuesday, October 11, and Wednesday, October 12, and is expected to have spectacular deals, similar to the first Amazon Prime Day held in July. During this event, you may get deals … Read more

Wirk Ride Exercise Bike, Workstation, and Strength System | Fitness Direct

All-in-One Office Solution The Wirk Ride Exercise Bike, Workstation, and Strength System combines upper and lower-body exercise capabilities with an adjustable workstation. Maintain high productivity while doubly experiencing the benefits of biking and resistance workouts, all in the comfort of your office or home. Pedal, push and pull your way to health with this all-in-one … Read more

How To Do A HIIT On An Exercise Bike | The Body Coach

I love doing a HIIT session a bike … it’s one of my favourite workouts. It’s a bit more low impact than other types of HIIT and it’s an awesome fat burner. Let’s get #LeanIn15 —————————————-­————————————– —— Find my books here: Lean in 15 The Shift Plan Lean in 15 The Shape Plan Lean in … Read more

Does your exercise bike make a grinding noise when you ride it? Check this out!

Sometimes exercise bikes can make grinding or knocking noises. Before you take the whole bike apart, have you checked your bike pedals? If the pedals aren’t up to standard, they can become loose and make a knocking sound. fitness equipment, exercise bike maintenance, fitness repair tips, fitness equipment noises, exercise equipment repair, exercise bike noises … Read more

DIY Exercise Bike For Under $50

Those excercise bike stands can be expensive…even $100s of dollars. I viewed other DIY bike excercise stands and started pulling together some ideas for making it cheap, easy to do, easy to maintain, parts needed to be practical for other purposes, and safety! Please watch and enjoy! Comments and additional suggestions are appreciated :)..(read more) … Read more

How to Use Free Weights While Riding an Exercise Bike

How to Use Free Weights While Riding an Exercise Bike. Part of the series: Tough Workouts. Using free weights while riding an exercise bike will help you maximize efficiency and calorie expenditure. Use free weights while riding an exercise bike with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip. Read more: ..(read … Read more