Portable Mini Pedal Exerciser Cycle for Weightloss | Mini Bike for Home/Office Workout | Full Review

Most of us are back to work and stressing out over those extra kilos gained as a result of Sedentary Lifestyle due to the Lockdown. However not everyone has time to hit the Gym. Juggling between home and office our health has somewhere taken a back seat.

Introducing the Portable Mini Pedal Exerciser Cycle for a complete workout solution right from your home sweet home. You no more need to dedicate extra time for workout. This mini bike helps you shed those extra kilos all the while you sit and continue with your chores. Sitting on your Sofa watching TV or simply working from your Office Desk you can workout without hindering your chores.

It is that easy! Foldable Design, Anti-Skid Bottoms, LCD Monitor are just some of the features of this bike. So Hurry! What are you waiting for?

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