When Obsessing Over Your Weight Becomes an Unhealthy Practice

When Obsessing Over Your Weight Becomes an Unhealthy Practice

It’s important to always be mindful of your health. Regularly checking your weight and BMI is important because it helps you to see if you’re in line with what’s healthy or if you need to practice better habits and make better choices. Checking your weight, however, is not something that needs to be done constantly. Many people struggle with this and are stepping on the scale daily if not multiple times a day. This is an unhealthy practice and one that should be eliminated because it adds unnecessary stress on a person and it comes with ideas of unrealistic beauty standards. 

Weighing Yourself Frequently is Problematic

If you think about the scale constantly then you might be too obsessed with your weight. A scale is something that should only be used once a week if that. If you’re stepping on the scale every day, you won’t get accurate results. That’s because weight tends to fluctuate based on different factors such as water intake, time of day, menstrual cycles, and more. Those who weigh themselves every day won’t be able to get an accurate representation of their weight loss…

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