Ranada The Full-Time Student Lost 65 lbs. Here’s How:

Meet Ranada, a member of Nerd Fitness Coaching who is currently celebrating losing over 65 pounds in 10 months!

I’m so proud of Ranada, especially considering all the challenges she’s faced over the last year:

Being a full-time student, while also holding down a job – “So much reading.”
Needing to work out from home – “The idea of a gym stressed me out.”
The mindset that she had to figure it out alone – “Everyone makes it look so easy. I thought I had to do this without help.”

Oh, and there was also that whole pandemic that threw all our lives into turmoil.

It all came to a breaking point last year: Ranada went on a hike she thought she could easily do…but then ran into trouble.

The hike made her winded.

Ranada wound up stopping every few feet to catch her breath.

It was a frustrating and humbling experience.

Luckily, Ranada used the hike as a catalyst to make some changes in her life. One year later, she is able to do the same trail without needing to stop at all!

So let’s learn about what Ranada did to turn into a legit hiker, while still handling every other part of her hectic life!

#1) Having a “Big Why” Can Make All the Difference

Hiking can be a humbling experience.

It’s one thing…

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