Don’t Fear the Swimsuit: How to Look Better this Summer

Don’t Fear the Swimsuit: How to Look Better this Summer

Anyone who’s looked at a calendar lately (or anyone who’s been outside lately) knows that summer is right around the corner. Summer can be a wonderful time of the year. Baseball, fireworks and vacations are things to look forward to. But there’s one summer activity that can be dreadful, and that’s swimming. 

A day at the pool is one of those rare occasions when you’re in front of a lot of other people in very little clothing. In fact, for most people, swimming is the only occasion in which you’re socializing while you’re showing so much skin. Whether it’s a bikini or something more modest, your swimsuit doesn’t let you hide your weight. Swimsuit material clings to your body, revealing every pound of you. Swimming can be a lot of pressure.

So, to look great in a swimsuit this summer, you basically have three priorities:

lose weightlose weightlose weight

Note: Maybe you don’t need to lose weight! There are plenty of opinions out there about what your ideal weight is. There’s plenty of online calculators that should give you a good indication of what’s healthy.

Lose Weight by Eating…

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