Echelon Bike VS ProForm Tour De France CBC Costco Bike review – EX-15 aka Connect Sport Prime

Echelon bike:
EXPAND FOR MORE INFO and recommended accessories.
Pedals: (same as I use, clip in)

Heart Rate Monitor: (more info below)
Women’s Shoes: (clip in shoes, see them in my Echelon videos)
Bike Mat:

Heart rate monitor video review:
How to change pedals and closer look at tiem shoes and pedals:
The bike we started on:

This is a Echelon Connect bike vs ProForm Tour de France CBC Costco bike comparison.

0:00 intro
0:47 price
1:15 basics
2:40 why folks choose Echelon
3:36 ProForm screen
4:21 Echelon resistance comments
4:45 handle bars
5:56 measurements
6:39 seats
7:15 DETAILED adjustability
8:12 aesthetics and water bottle
8:57 pedals
9:40 aesthetics
10:27 drive train comparison
10:40 echelon first comments
11:18 resistance and more
12:27 echelon max resistance
14:03 Proform first comments
15:03 proform max resistance
16:30 comparing max resistance
17:30 proform height comments
18:41 Summary

You’ve probably seen the highly popular Echelon Connect bike by now, sometimes it is sold as the echelon connect sport, sometimes it is sold as the echelon connect prime, and now it seems to be renamed to the echelon ex-15 and is out of stock at the time being. The echelon connect bike is popular but so is the new ProForm tour de france cbc from costco.

So is the proform tour de france cbc better than the echelon connect? that is the question I try to help you answer in this video comparison showcasing these two popular peloton alternative indoor cycling bikes…(read more)

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