12-Week Half Marathon Training Plan

By Terrence Mahon Boston Athletic Association High-Performance Coach & adidas Running Coach

Whether you are looking to complete your first half marathon or looking for a new personal best, the key to success is getting in the 3 Essential Workouts each week. This half marathon training plan will get you there.

Half Marathon: You Can Do It

Many runners shy away from the commitment to run a half marathon because they feel they just won’t have enough time in the week to complete all of the training. They assume that by training for a half marathon, they are signing up for days on end of more and more running. However, that need not be the case. If you follow the simple steps listed below, you can get the most out of your half marathon training plan while spending the least amount of time possible to reach your goals.

The reality is that our bodies can only handle so much stress from exercise before we either get injured or sick. Through many years of trial and error, coaches began to realize that the way forward was by pushing their athletes hard on one day and then allowing them to recover with 1-2 easy training or rest days before pushing them once again with another hard workout. This was the birth of the hard day/easy day…

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