Echelon EX-PRIME from Amazon VS Echelon Connect Sport – This Echelon Bike review may help you decide

Echelon EX PRIME renamed to Echelon EX-15:

Clip in Pedals:
iPad Holder:
Weight holder bag:
Cellphone Holder:

TIEM cycling shoes:
Also known as Echelon Prime Bike
I ordered the Echelon EX-PRIME smart connect on Amazon Prime for $499.99 earlier this week, and it arrived at my front door with free shipping just 3 days later, I built it in 15 minutes, and in the next few minutes I’m going to show you everything I know about Amazon Echelon EX PRIME Smart Connect indoor cycling bike and how it compares to our Popular and Highly rated Echelon Connect Sport. We have a full echelon ex prime review coming soon.

Text Review of Echelon Prime Bike

At first glance you may think the Amazon Echelon EX-PRIME Smart Connect Fitness indoor cycling bike is the same as the connect sport from walmart, but there not, and I’m going to show you whats different and whats the same, and which bike I’d recommend if you’re in the market to buy an indoor cycling bike to get a Peloton experience at a fraction of the cost. This is not a full echelon ex-prime bike review but thats coming soon.

As you may already know we’ve had the Walmart Variation of this Echelon Prime bike for the past 2 months now, and it’s been a great way to get our foot in the door and test the waters of indoor cycling in our home. For the $500 price tag this bike offers a great value which is what’s made it so popular, but one of the main problems with this echelon bike is actually being able to get one because it’s sold out so often. I’ve been keeping an eye on the amazon listing and I haven’t seen it sold out yet.So why would I buy the Amazon Echelon EX PRIME bike if it’s so similar to the Walmart Echelon bike? Well, I saw the Echelon Connect PRIME pop up on Amazon out of the blue and there’s really not any information out on the internet about the bike, so I decided to buy it to do a side by side comparison of the two bikes to see if there is any difference and help you decide if it’s for you. There are two main difference in these bikes indoor cycling bikes. The handlebars and the resistance knob are different, and I have to say the Echelon EX PRIME is my preferred Echelon bike of the two, and ill explain more in my echelon ex prime bike review

I’ll tell you more about the two big differences in just a moment but first lets take a look at the minor cosmetic changes and what’s exactly the same.From a distance each echelon bike looks very similar.

Peloton is by far the most popular and well known brand for indoor cycling, but dropping $1895 for the standard model peloton bike or $2495 for the bike+ is a lot of money compared to $499.99. Not only is a Peloton bike more expensive, it also costs an additional $39/month to use the all access membership on the bike itself. However if you buy a echelon bike you can do the same Peloton classes by signing up for the Peloton digital membership which is only $12.99 a month. Just attach your own tablet to the echelon bike and you can play the classes from the app. Please be sure to double check the current prices, all of these numbers are the pricing at the time of this recording, but there does seem to be increasing competition in the marketplace so we may see some prices change over time.Alternatively there are many other options available to you if you buy a indoor cycling bike without a screen attached because you can do any spin class you’d like.Some otpions include the new Apple Fitness+ which is only $9.99 a month

the Echelon prime bike also has a variety of App subscriptions at various pricesor you can simply pull up a class on youtube and follow instructors offering free videos, or you can just ride to ride with no screen whatsoever.Same/differences.Largely these two bikes are very similar, but the main mechanical differences lie in the handle bars and the resistance knob, so let me show you my observations with those two big differences.To sum it all up the Amazon echelon EX Prime bike seems to be a slightly improved version of the walmart echelon bike with quicker shipping and it’s actually in stock, again you can click the link in the description box below this video and see what the current prices, availabilty, and shipping times to your area are. My echelon bike from amazon came in 3 days, which is about as quickly as you can expect anything to ship much less a heavy piece of exercise equipment. If I were trying to decided between these two echelon bikes, i’d choose the Amazon echelon ex prime bike for the handlebars, resistance knob, the simplicity of ordering a echelon amazon, and the quicker shipping time. click like if you learned something form this echelon ex prime review please let me know…(read more)

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