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The global pandemic we are experiencing is teaching us a lot about how to survive in a new kind of reality. As the situation constantly changes in every part of the world, we adapt by adjusting our behavior, our contact with others, our vacation plans, and how we exercise. Stay up-to-date on recommendations from the World Health Organization and your local health organization. 

Regulations vary depending on where you live and the current infection rate. One issue that is hotly debated in some parts of the world due to governmental restrictions or personal decisions on safety is whether running with a mask is healthy and effective. 

We’ve taken a look at what it means to run with a mask in terms of prevention, performance, and potential risks. 

Does running with a mask protect you or others from COVID-19?

Studies show that wearing a mask appears to be an effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within communities.(1) The efficacy of the mask depends a lot on how snugly it fits and the material it is made of. N95 masks are 95% effective at keeping the wearer safe from inhaling particles that potentially carry the SARS-CoV-2 virus.(2) Be aware that these masks are not appropriate for cardio workouts. The tight weave makes…

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