From Journalism to Human Relations

By Felipe Simões, Talent Sourcer at Runtastic

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Those are the six fundamental questions in journalism that you want to answer when you report on a story, no matter the medium: online, newspaper, radio, or television.

The first four are very straightforward most of the time, but the last two are where the nuances lie – and that’s why they are so important to ask. And those are precisely the ones I was asked the most when I joined Runtastic. “Why did you decide to apply and make a career change?” “Why did you decide to move away from Journalism?” “How did you change your career from being a Journalist to working as a Talent Sourcer?”

As the saying goes, old habits die hard. So I will try my best to answer all six questions that I have mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, but I will focus on the last two to explain how my journey took me from Journalism to Human Relations.

How I started in journalism

I’m originally  from Brazil and have a passion for football—that was my main motivation for pursuing journalism. With little to no skills as a player, I never had a shot of being anything other than an admirer of the game. So when the time came to choose a profession, I went…

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