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This video is about Amazon Marcy foldable exercise bike review. Hello fellow fitness enthusiasts! This video is a review of my stationary bike that I purchased from Amazon. I’ve had this bike for about 4 months now and have some thoughts and tips on how to get the best use of it.

This is the Marcy foldable exercise bike that has helped me get in some good cardio workouts from the comfort of my home. I purchased this bike at the peak of the pandemic when all gyms were closed in my area. I was looking for something that could elevate my heart rate and keep me fit without taking a lot of space or costing a lot of money. I got the bike in less than a week from ordering on amazon and I love it!

This bike allows me to stay active and fit. It is small and mighty. Made with a sturdy steel base, there is a digital display that allows you to track your speed, distance, time riding, calories burned and more! There is a resistance that you are able to set it from one to eight; one being low resistance with eight being high resistance.

The bike seat is adjustable so you can fit it to a height that best suits you. If you find that you need more holes to adjust the height simply drill it in. You’ll notice that I included a seat pad for the bike; I did that so it’s more comfortable to ride on the bike.
I love how compact and sturdy this bike is and how easy it is to fold up and store away once I’m done using it.

Check out the bike here:
Check out the bike seat pad here:

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