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bike seat gel cover (best seller)
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Womens TIEM clip in shoes (spd):
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Scosche Rhythm+

0:00 start see chapters below

4:00 unboxing
4:29 very first impressions
5:45 seat
6:09 pedals
6:46 flywheel first look
7:28 assembly start
7:54 handlebar thoughts
9:10 assembly front
9:54 pedal warning
12:34 hating on pedals
13:02 seat post observations
13:50 seat adjustment observations
14:55 handlebar stem observations
15:40 handle bar for/aft
16:34 seat height comments
16:58 first look after built
17:52 getting on bike
18:30 fly wheel comments
19:29 resistance knob
20:00 max resistance
21:50 noise
22:32 resistance pad
22:48 more fly wheel comments
42:06 summary of first impressions

This is the Sunny bike model SF B1002 I purchased on Amazon for $380.99 and in today’s video I’m going to be unboxing it, building it, and giving you my first impressions on this budget friendly sunny bike. This is not a fully Sunny Bike review, but that will be coming soon as I spend more time of the Sunny Fitness B1002. As you can see here I also have several other indoor cycling bikes and I will be comparing the sunny bike head to head against in future videos as well as giving a more thorough review of this bike as I spend more time on it after this sunny bike assembly.

This sunny bike sb1002/c comes standard a massive high quality 49 lb flywheel, and I got this bike with the belt drive train instead of the chain drive option because belt drives are better, quieter, and require less maintenance. This budget friendly peloton alternative indoor cycling bike is extremely popular in the indoor cycling bike community and many people choose to use this bike as a peloton alternative setup because of it’s good bones and since it doesn’t have a screen, or any electronics for that matter, it frees you up to use the peloton digital app or whatever fitness app you’d like, and of course it has a very budget friendly price of just $380 at the time I bought it, however, I put a link below this video in the description box so you can check the current price, shipping time and availability if you’re interested in buying this bike on Amazon like I did.

Things that are different about this peloton alternative indoor cycling bike compared to other bikes I’ve purchased and reviewed is this bike is really a bare bones package bringing indoor cycling back to the basics. Unlike many bikes this sunny bike does not have magnetic resistance, instead it uses leather pad friction resistance, and it also does not have any electronics at all, which means you will not be getting your cadence or resistance level feedback metrics, or any other metrics for that matter, unless you attach additional equipment such as the Wahoo Cadence sensor, which I did order on amazon for about $40 and ironically a 100 oz electronic sensor is taking several more days to ship than the 100 pound bike took to arrive, which for me took 3 days from click to delivery.

So why would you buy such a basic and barebones machine like the sunny bike sf b1002 when you can get other bikes at the same price point with a lot more features, electronics, and metrics, like the $385 ProForm tour de france with digital magnetic resistance along with a cadence sensor and the ability to connect a heart rate monitor and many other features, or the $399 Joroto X2 which also has magnetic resistance, and a screen to give you feedback on your metrics as well, or the well known and loved $500 Echelon bike.

These are the big questions and in this video I’ll be unboxing sunny bike assembly and taking a closer look at the highly reputable build quality of the Sunny bike and see how it stacks up against other indoor cycling bikes in the same price point as well as bikes that cost MUCH more money. I hope I can provide some useful insight opening this bike up and building the sunny bike assembly and giving you my thoughts and opinions on this sunny bike…(read more)

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