A Positive Reminder That the Good Times Will Return

As we all lay low in our isolated bubbles, it’s only natural to reflect on the past. While fond memories of time spent outdoors with friends and family may seem distant right now, it’s important to remember those days will soon return. Remaining positive is key to fostering the good vibes and optimism needed to get things back to normal.

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With that pep talk in mind, we encourage you to enjoy some epic powder turns from the crew at Ikon Pass. The inspirational video is aimed at bringing powder hounds together during this unprecedented time. With resorts shut down for the season and experts advising against backcountry touring, we can still revel in some beautiful ski footage.

“We’ll get back to the good times,” states Ikon Pass on their YouTube channel. “We know that seasons change, but the mountains endure. Storms may blow, but gray skies bring fresh powder, and the sun will find us again… Together, we’re as tall as the mountains. We are the mountains.”

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So if you’re looking for a little mental escape, we highly suggest that you kick up your…

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