Find Running Motivation in Accountability Groups

Your running shoes have been staring at you for days. You just can’t bring yourself to lace them up and head out for a run. Why are some people able to make running a regular part of their routine while others struggle with it? There are a million factors that affect your motivation level, but there are also some strategies to make it easier to stay committed to your goals. adidas Runners (AR) accountability groups have been established around the world for exactly this purpose.

Nabila Sam, AR Kuala Lumpur Captain and mentor, and Alia, one of her mentees, shared their experiences in the regional accountability group during a 4-week training plan with one common goal: for every member to run their best 30 minutes in an AR adidas Running challenge.

What are Accountability Groups?

adidas Runners accountability groups are designed to bring together local running communities and create a sense of belonging by pursuing a common goal while supporting participants on their journey to build healthy habits. By training together, members hold each other accountable for the commitments they’ve made to their health and fitness.

Accountability groups have a mentor who acts as both a coach – encouraging runners to push themselves – and a…

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