Lectric XP Killer? Engwe EP-2 Pro Electric Bike Review

Engwe sent us the $1199 Engwe EP-2 Pro Electric Bike in exchange for our review. It’s a foldable e-bike offering pedals, a throttle, and Pedal Assist. Check out Aimee’s review and see if it’s a good alternative to the Lectric XP. Get your Engwe:

0:37 Overview, specs
1:03 Throttle & Pedal Assist
1:26 Shimano gears
1:43 Is this bike good for exercise?
1:57 Range & battery
2:37 Speed
2:53 Fat tires
3:14 Suspension/offroading
3:30 LCD screen, stock seat
3:56 Tail/front lights
4:40 Rear rack
5:07 Final thoughts

BIKE SPECS: The ebike has a 750w motor, a range up to 40 miles, and it goes up to 30 MPH. The removable battery is 48 volts, 12.8 amp-hours. The bike shown is stock, with no modifications made.
For size reference, Aimee is 5’4″ tall.

Ebike Accessories I Recommend:
-Cloud 9 Seat:
-Phone Mount:
-Water Bottle Holder:
-My Helmet:
-Bike Side Mirror:
-Dog Basket:
-Dog Sunglasses:
-Dog/Kid Bike Trailer (example):
-Cargo Net:

Our Camera Kit:
360 Cam:
The Main Camera
Our Waterproof Camera
Our Regular Mic:
Our Wireless Mic:
Our Drone: ..(read more)

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