Meet Sarah, a member of Nerd Fitness Coaching who has one of the hardest jobs you can have today: a nurse in a hospital!

Want to know what’s incredible about Sarah?

During the toughest year and a half of her career, Sarah also managed to get healthy and build a body she’s proud of!

If your first thought is “that’s totally bonkers,” welp, you’re not alone my friend.

That was my initial response too!

I’m sure you’re excited to find out how Sarah achieved her incredible results, all while fighting the pandemic.

Let’s jump right in!

How Sarah Found Success: 6 Lessons Learned
#1) It’s Okay to “Respawn” as Many Times as You Need

NF Coaching was not Sarah’s first rodeo.

In the past, Sarah had tried:

A gym membership (that she never used): “I found it intimidating and didn’t know what to do when I was there. So I never ended up going.”
Fitness classes: “I’d need to work extra hours and then I’d miss a class during the week. That would snowball into never going back.”
Hiring a personal trainer: “It felt like the trainers didn’t know how to adjust their programs to accommodate my needs (I’ve had major knee surgery and there are certain exercises my surgeon recommended modifying or…

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