Yosuda Bike – My HONEST feelings on the #1 Best Selling AMAZON exercise bike – unboxing, assembly

Yosuda bike: (see current pricing)
This is the Yosuda bike and this video is my initial yosuda bike review which includes my unboxing, how to build the yosuda bike, and first impressions of the components and drive train on this highly popular peloton alternative bike. The amazon yosuda bike has impressively high reviews according to the listing, but is this indoor cycling bike really all that? in the next few minutes i’ll give you a full tour of the yosuda stationary exercise bike and tell you how i feel about it and how it compares to some other popular indoor bike options in the same price range.
The yosuda vs joroto bike is a relavent comparison, however putting the yosuda vs peloton isn’t really quiet as relevant, but don’t think i won’t be doing this! I should have mentioned the yosuda vs sunny bike more in this video, but this was all just off the top of my head and I will be doing a more thorough review in the near future.

0:00 intro

0:46 analysis of components
2:42 first impressions
4:17 how to build yosuda

6:45 first ride
8:53 flywheel noise, drive train comments
9:59 max resistance
10:32 drive train comments
11:58 max resistance comments
12:39 size comments
13:13 screen metrics
13:50 summary..(read more)

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