Echelon EX-15: (finally in stock!)
Sunny Bike: (on sale)
Joroto discount: Coupon: TAILHAPPY (-$20, free shipping too)
Joroto X2: (amazon)
Sunny magnetic: (on sale)
Schwinn IC4:
This is a quick straight to the point review of the pros and cons of 6 highly popular indoor cycling bikes including the peloton bike plus, and if you want to know more information or see head to head comparisons of any of these indoor cycling bikes browse my channel because I have a lot more videos on each of these peloton alternative bikes. If you’re looking for a spin bike you’ve come to the right place.

Pedals recommendation: (MORE BELOW)

Bike seat gel cover (best seller)

Womens TIEM clip in shoes (spd):
Video on pedals/shoes:
How to clip in/out (video):

Mens shoes recommendation (spd):
Shoe option (cheaper):

Popular accessories for indoor cycling:
Wahoo Cadence sensor:
Favorite Heart rate monitor (video, scosche):
Scosche Rhythm+

We’ll go from most expensive to least expensive indoor cycling bike, at the time I bought, some are less expensive now and some do have limited time discount prices so the description box below for links to the current best price. This is simply a quick run down of what comes to mind right away, definitely going to miss some things, this is just a highlights indoor cycling review video, and believe me when I saw I have more in depth videos on each of these indoor spin bikes so if one of these bikes catches your interest watch my in depth video on it.

Let’s start with the king, the Peloton bike plus, $2495 plus $39/mo
most convenient to get on and go, you get the leaderboard, cadence, resistance, power, tons of metrics on a beautiful rotating screen with excellent audio, and automatic changing resistance, and apple gymkit to connect your apple watch,
it is the best bike of the bunch, no question.

price, recurring price, delivery speed/time, locked into only peloton, handlebars don’t move forwards and backwards

Schwinn ic4 $900

schwinn ic4 is adjustable, smooth magnetic resistance and excellent drive train feel, high max user weight of 330lbs, screen that shows resistance and cadence, peloton alternative comes with weights and a HRM and comes with dual side clip in pedals/cage, resistance knob on schwinn ic4 only takes about 4 turns from 0-100

no peloton leaderboard, pedals seem to come loose on schwinn ic4, max resistance leaves more to be desired at this price point for my weight and power output,

Echelon connect ex-15 or echelon connect sport $500
really great value, bluetooth enabled so you bring your own devices for metrics, versatile, solid build all around and it earned a 71 on the tailhappy score in my full echelon bike review, good peloton alternative

max resistance on echelon connect bike, lots of turns, leaderboard for peloton app, handle bar grips on my bike, max seat height,

Joroto X2 review $399
4 way adjustable, smooth magnetic resistance and drive train for the price, joroto bike has wide seat if thats your thing,
metrics, screen doesn’t give cadence, resistance, watts, Pedals are cheap, water bottle holders get in the way of tablet holder on joroto x2 bike

Proform tour de france cbc from costco $385
you can buy the proform bike on a whim at costco, automatic resistance with ifit, free ifit for a year, smooth magnetic resistance, great handlebars, thick and nice hand position options, screen gives you cadence and resistance numbers on proform bike from costco

riding position of proform tdf bike is aggressive and stretched out relative to other bikes, max handlebar height isn’t very high. No resistance knob, must use buttons on screen or ifit app to auto adjust, resistance changes slowly, max resistance out of the box was weak.

Sunny bike $369
massive flywheel unique feel and lots of inertia, max resistance, great for tall people not to say its not good for short people too, looks great and solid build quality. Versatile, not locked into any platform and highly customizable, no electronics means you’ll never have to worry about the electronics failing you on the sunny indoor bike.

sunny bike noise, leather pad requires maintenance and it is not as smooth of a drive train feel compared to magnetic resistance, no cadence or resistance metrics, can add wahoo for cadence, the sunny bike is great overall and has a great reputation so if you really want magnetic resistance i’d encourage you to take a peek at the 1805 which costs twice as much but makes a good peloton bike alternative…(read more)

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