Why I Had to Have The Cold Plunge

08 Jun Why I Had to Have The Cold Plunge

The Cold Plunge for The WIN

My 14 year old daughter filmed this video of me using The Cold Plunge. I hope you enjoy watching me freeze as much as she did! 🙂

They say great things don’t happen when you’re in your comfort zone and 49 degrees is definitely not my comfort zone! Listen, it’s NOT easy fully submerging yourself into a freezing cold bath, let’s be honest. BUT are THREE main reasons I had to have The Cold Plunge and why I choose to use it:

1. It speeds up your metabolism to help burn fat

2. Pain and Inflammation gone!

3. Anti-aging biohacker that helps stimulate collagen

For those reasons, I do my best to get past the pain of being frozen. My husband Brooks does it every single day!…I’m working on it 😉 I’m being kind of dramatic – the first minute is really rough and kind of sucks, but once you get past that first minute of fight or flight, you feel a shift in your body and can ease into the cold. Then when you get out, you feel ABSOLUTELY incredible and refreshed.

Top Health Benefits of Cold Plunging

Cold therapy (or cold exposure) has a number of scientifically-validated health benefits relating to overall health, mental health, and…

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