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11 Oct The Blame Game Posted at 18:30h in Motivation by Natalie Jill The Blame Game

BLAME…It’s everywhere. It’s our spouses fault, our exes fault, our bosses fault, the economy’s fault. It’s our neighbor, the doctor, the food companies, our age, our diagnosis, THAT INJURIES fault. It’s our dang genetics, the advertisers fault the manufactures fault. It’s the world, the …it’s insert whatever here.

Blame feels good in a moment. It lets us be a victim. It lets us be right. It lets us feel heard. And…


This is not a recent picture of me. When I found it on my camera roll this morning I instantly went into blame as to why I have not been able to run, or do these challenging beach stair workouts that used to be a staple for me! I went into the stories around my injures this last year, my age, and more. And then, after my pity party of “blame”, I shifted into what I CAN do and the LESSONS, and GROWTH I’ve had this year . I shifted into gratitude, accountability and what I CAN do and just like that the blame was gone.

I rode my bike instead.I went on a long walk with a friendI created space in my schedule this week for some new workouts that I CAN do.

Blame creates victim mentality and that is…

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