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The best way to stay motivated to work out is incorporating a variety of exercises in your regimen. A resistance band is a great way to mix things up and keep your fitness routine interesting. No matter whether you are an experienced weightlifter or just starting your journey to health, fitness bands can add a new dynamic to your workouts and really get your muscles burning. 

Did you know?

Physiotherapists were using resistance bands back in the 1960s to help their patients improve mobility and posture. It was not until much later that people started integrating them into their workouts. 

Resistance bands are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and strengths, so there’s something for everyone. Are you just starting to exercise? Begin with the lowest resistance level and move your way up as you progress.

6 Benefits of Working Out with Fitness Bands
1. Suitable for any fitness level

Resistance bands are available in different strengths. You can also adjust the intensity yourself by relaxing or tightening tension on the band. 

The BLACKROLL® Loop Band comes in six versions ranging from extra light to extra strong. 

yellow: 2.6 kg / 140% extension
orange: 3.2 kg / 140% extension
red: 4.4 kg / 140%…

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