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Bouncing Back

“Mom your butt looks flat”

Hey atleast she was honest. That’s what 13 year olds do. They speak their truth. Granted I was never nor do I want to be a kardashian, my butt was looking “flat…”

Aside from aesthetics, functionally that’s not good. Weak glutes put more pressure on your lower back and with my injuries that’s not a good thing.

For 12 years I barely touched weight. I was ALL about body weight, oh I worked hard and you can with body weight!Pull upsChin-upsDipsSprintsStairsAll my jam.Until my disc rupturedThen I tore my bicep at the distalThen I broke my foot

NONE of the injuries happened because of a workout by the way … lol but that’s another story (but foot broke walking and bicep tore swimming)

But they all humbled me.

After a year of rest and recovery and very light movement I’m a student again

This time with weightsMy strength is returningMy glutes are showing upMy pain is going away

And Penelope, moms getting a BOOTIE!

Watch the VIDEO HERE!


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