Strongwoman Andrea Thompson Sets Deadlift World Record at the Arnold

The 2020 Arnold Sports Festival saw champions crowned and world records broken in the powerlifting and Strongman spheres. But just as impressive were the feats of strength performed by women over the weekend. 

On the Strongwoman stage, two powerhouses took the spotlight at Rogue Record Breakers as they broke the elephant bar deadlift world record, each lifting more than 600 pounds. First, eight-time America’s Strongest Woman Kristin Rhodes loaded the bar with 616 pounds and completed a good rep.

Not to be outdone, four-time Britain’s Strongest Woman Andrea Thompson threw 621 on the bar and eked out a rep.

Thompson may have snagged the record, but there are clearly no hard feelings between the two incredible athletes, as they hugged it out after Thompson’s lift. 

Another notable feat of strength came from someone who knows her way around a world record: Stefi Cohen. Despite not being in peak shape, the veteran powerlifter—who recently broke three world records in one day—squatted 463 pounds for her top set and repped out 225 for 30.


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210kg/463lbs top set 102kg/225lbs x 30 reps . Showed up and that’s what matters. I’m…

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