It’s no secret that a running warm-up[1] is important if it’s a race or the usual weekly run. But many runners don’t know why (or what to watch out for).

We’ve compiled a short list of the benefits of running warm-ups, tips on how to warm up properly and go-to running warm-up routines.

Find out below how running warm-ups improve your running performance. Check out the go-to warm-up routines at the bottom of the article!

1. Running warm-ups raise your body temperature

Dynamic warm-up exercises raise your body temperature by heating up your muscles. They also boost your metabolism and accelerate the supply of energy to your muscles.

2. Running warm-ups enhance muscle performance [2]

As your muscle temperature rises, your muscle viscosity (or resistance) decreases. This results in faster muscle contraction and relaxation, which enhances your performance.

3. Running warm-ups boost heart function

Your heart also benefits from warming up. The exercises increase your cardiac output and respiratory minute volume (RMV), thus expanding your VO2 max.

4. Running warm-ups improve the load distribution in your joints

Contrary to previous belief, new research has shown that even short-term exercise like warming up can help build joint…

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