15 Feb

Mindset Needed to Overcome Anything with John David Reynolds IIIPosted at 04:31h in Podcast by Natalie JillMindset Needed to Overcome Anything with John David Reynolds III

John David Reynolds III is business owner, lifetime athlete, coach and powerlifting hype man who took his passion for martial arts and entwined it with a barbell. In 2018, coming home late he fell asleep at the wheel and ran into a tree just moments away from home. He assisted in freeing himself from the car before five surgeries, flat lining numerous times going from being told he would lose his legs to he will never squat again to hiking in Northern California, beating his previous competition bench OR and deadlifting 500lbs for 2 reps that’s all in 2018. He seeks to inspire and help people learn to understand the tools he uses to maintain a competitive mindset and achieve their goals.

Listen Up! and find out how John was able to overcome all the odds to live healthy, and to impact so many other lives!

In this episode, you will learn:

How to overcome obstaclesWhy mindset is more important than anythingWhy you need to do the work from the inside, out


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