Lose Half a Kilo Per Week Walking for Weight Loss

Walking for weight loss is one of the best ways to start losing weight. Walking isn’t just good for weight loss; it has incredible mental health benefits as well.

If you haven’t tried walking for weight loss before, give it a try this year and realize all the fantastic benefits walking for weight loss has to offer!

Benefits of Walking for Weight Loss

Everyone can walk for weight loss! It’s a great way to lose weight and keep it off because it’s not a fad diet or an unsustainable exercise plan. In terms of equipment, you only need a comfortable pair of running or walking shoes and clothes.

Physical benefits

Walking is a low-impact activity. That makes it a safe activity for people that struggle to run, get injured easily, or are overweight. Walking mostly burns fat when performed for durations longer than 30-minutes. Walking for weight loss can even improve your cholesterol levels!

Check out this calorie burn calculator to see how many calories you burn in an activity.

Mental health benefits

Walking for weight loss has proven mental health benefits[1]. Had a stressful day at work? Go for a 30-minute walk and feel the stress melt away. Kids and partner on your nerves? Go for a walk and reset your mind while taking care of your…

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