Lifeline Exercise Bike : live review and Practical Demo

Watch out feature, live review and Practical Demo Lifeline Exercise Cycle. (Hindi)

Feature of Lifeline Exercise Bike

1) Lifeline exercise cycle: Portable, non-motorized exercise cycle machine for home use, electronic meter displays time, distance, calories burned, speed and scan
2) Health management: A half hour on a stationary bicycle helps up your daily calorie burn, burning a greater number of daily calories means that you will have an easier time managing your weight
Improved joint mobility: Cycling helps in improving the range of motion of your joints, knees, ankles and hip joints are affected by cycling
3) The product has to be assembled using an installation manual provided in the package

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Lifeline Exercise Bike Combo (Black) with Gym Bag, Sweat Belt, Tummy Trimmer and Skipping Rope –

Lifeline 102 Exercise Cycle –

Lifeline Exercise Cycle 102 with Back Seat for Weight Loss at Home | Bonus Gym Bag,Color Tummy Trimmer & Sweat Belt and Wooden Skipping Rope –

Lifeline 1/102_Tm_SW Exercise Bike with Gym Bag and Tummy Trimmer –

Lifeline Air Bike –

Lifeline Exercise Air Bike Back Support with Moving Handle for Weight Loss at Home Use –

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Lifeline Fitness Cycle 102 for Weight Loss at Home | Bundles with Twister, Pushup, Weight Cuff (1 kg) and Knee Cap (Four Way Stretch) –

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Lifeline Gym Cycle 102 for Home Use Bundles with Twister, Pushup Bar and Yoga Mat (6 MM) –


Lifeline Fitness Cycle 102 for Weight Loss at Home | Bundles with Twister, Pushup, Yoga Mat (6 MM) and Accessories (5 Items) –

Lifeline LYSN5213 Manual Treadmill –

Cardio Max JSB Magnetic Upright Fitness X-Bike Exercise Cycle (HF78) –

Endless Imported Exercise Bike for Fitness –

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Lifeline Exercise Bike

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