Why do former employees return to Runtastic?

Research has claimed that hiring former employees – or “boomerangs”, as they are called, is not good and companies should avoid it. But we beg to differ. 

“It’s super dangerous to oversimplify complex qualitative matters in HR”, wrote Babsi, our VP of HR & Organizational Development, in our monthly newsletter HR2.

People leave for many different reasons, and this is especially common in the tech industry. We believe that if people want to return, it’s a sign of a great fit between what they believe in and Runtastic — be it what we do, our work environment or how we roll.

To support our approach, we collected some backstories from Runtastics that returned after a period of time, and this is their perspective:

I realized that whenever I shared where I worked, I did not feel the same pride as I used to when I said “I work for Runtastic”,

Moni, People and Culture Manager

When I originally joined Runtastic in 2015 as the first Talent Scout, I was mainly doing so for the job. Yet, within a few weeks I was completely in love with the team spirit, the internationality, the solution-oriented mindset. And I would have never guessed that I would decide to resign after a little more than three years.

I believe the reasons…

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