How to Start Working Out From Home (For Beginners)

When was the last time you did squats? High school PE class?

Or maybe you tried strength training as part of a home workout plan a few months ago but lost your motivation?

No matter how far you are now from your desired fitness level…

Remember this:

It just takes one second to decide you’re worth it, 10 minutes for your first workout, and two weeks to feel a difference.

Everything you need to successfully start and maintain your workout routine is summed up in this helpful guide:

How to Start Working Out : What You Need To Know Before You BeginBenefits of exercise (well-known & less known)

Almost everyone knows exercise improves your health. However, a lot of people aren’t aware of all the benefits of exercise.

Top benefits you can look forward to when you start working out:

Reduced risk of chronic disease(1)Better mood & mental health(2, 3)Balanced energy levels throughout the day & better sleepSlowing of the aging process(4)A boost to brain health(5)Positive effect on the microbiome(6)A boost to sex lifeHow much exercise is recommended weekly for health benefits?

The general exercise recommendation is:

Cardio (minimum amount of activity): At least 150 minutes of moderate cardio throughout the week. It can be replaced with at…

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