How to Stop Feeling Hungry After Workouts

Should you just eat when your tummy lets you know or should you establish a regular eating timetable for your meals and snacks? Can listening to the body’s signals really prevent feeling hungry after workouts? How does the menstruation cycle affect nutritional choices?

Learn about reading your body’s hunger signals to know when to eat, how the 10 principles of intuitive eating can help, and how the menstruation cycle affects nutrition so you can have a more balanced approach to holistic nutrition.

Using Hunger Signals to Stop Feeling Hungry After Workouts

One of the most basic signals your body sends out is one for hunger. That familiar stomach growl lets us know it’s time to eat something. Ghrelin, the body’s hunger hormone, is produced in the pancreas and stomach lining and works to stimulate the appetite.

Eating because you’re hungry comes naturally because hunger pangs are just the body’s way of saying it needs an energy boost, ideally in the form of something nutritious.  

Whether you prefer 3 main meals a day or 6 smaller ones, never stop listening to your body telling you it’s full. If you’ve provided it with enough energy, it will let you know, usually within 20 minutes after your mealtime. Eat slowly,…

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