You called me a FAKE

30 Apr You called me a FAKE

Posted at 12:28h
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by Natalie Jill

You called me a fake… maybe I was…

At age 2 I had a tumor removed from my brow bone. It was the size of a mans fist and it was wrapped around my temple bone. It was benign but left my brows uneven.  I would deal with mean people saying I have “bad Botox”… Nope just crooked brows from a tumor but thanks for noticing.

Age 13 I HATED my hair. It was poofy and frizzy and I longed for straight shiny hair. I would use chemicals and potions to the to get it as straight as possible.

At age 15 hated my nose. I obsessed over it. I had a bump that made me self conscious. I begged for a nose job.

Age 19 my flat chest bugged me abs I was teased about it. Implants  were becoming popular and I found a way to get them. I did not know then what I knew now as I would not have done that. My parents did not approve for the record but I was 19 and did it anyways. 😭

In my 20s I tanned and tanned and tanned some more. Tanning beds and all. Hey … I wanted that “perfect glow” Age 24 I had my first basal cell carcinomas as a result…

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