How to Lose Weight (Without Leaving Your House!)

How to Lose Weight (Without Leaving Your House!)

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For the first few weeks of the pandemic, you comforted yourself with snack foods and maybe a cocktail or two too many. But now, it’s clear this new way of living is here to stay, at least for a little while. If you’re going to cope without sabotaging your health in the process, you need to find healthier ways of living at home.

These tips will not only help you shed your self-isolation pounds, they’ll get into you the groove of living a healthy lifestyle while staying home.

Learn how to cook from your pantry

It’s important to limit shopping trips during the pandemic, which means no more running to the grocery store for an ingredient or two. Instead, learn how to cook using what you already have on hand. With a well-stocked pantry, you can easily whip up simple, yet nutritious meals like bean quesadillas, skillet rice, and homemade soups and stews.

Speaking of a well-stocked pantry: When you shop, stick to the outer aisles of the grocery store where whole foods are usually located. Or better yet, buy your groceries online to limit temptation and stay socially distant!

Cut back on…

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