Ergo21 LiquiCell Bicycle Seat Cushion Review – Ask Doctor Jo

Bicycle seat cushions and their comfort, or lack there of, can really affect your enjoyment of riding a bike. The Ergo21 Bicycle Seat Cushion with LiquiCell technology aims to end the butt burn and pain associated with uncomfortable bike seats. Purchase their bike cushion in our product store:

Ergo21’s LiquiCell bike seat cushion installs easily over virtually any bike cushion. It improves blood flow and circulation to your bum and can help aid buttock pain, hip pain, groin pain, leg pain and sciatica associated with bike cushions. It also reduces fatigue and numbness while absorbing road vibrations for a smoother ride.

The LiquiCell Bicycle Cushion comes in two sizes (regular and large), and it works great for all bikes including stationary bikes.

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Ergo21 LiquiCell Bicycle Seat Cushion:

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