How Swimming is The Key To Getting in Perfect Shape

How Swimming is The Key To Getting in Perfect Shape

Have you ever admired the physique of competitive swimmers? It’s really quite impressive. Swimmers have broad shoulders, toned legs, flat abs, and good posture. It’s really no surprise when you consider that swimming for exercise is among the most effective and efficient ways to get a workout. Just 30 minutes in the pool can torch up to 465 calories with low-impact on your bones and joints. Very few exercises provide a true full-body workout, but swimming engages your body head-to-toe. Here are our top 3 reasons why swimming is the key to getting in perfect shape. 

Swimming is Low-Impact

If you have past injuries, conditions like arthritis, or just generally achy joints or back pain, swimming may be the fitness answer you’ve been looking for. “Low impact” exercise includes a category of activities that put little-to-no strain on the bones and joints. When you are in the pool, the water provides resistance but also buoys your body. This combination of resistance and weightlessness makes swimming easier on your joints but also highly effective at burning calories. There is a good reason the Cleveland Clinic…

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