Some people want to lose a few kilos, others want to gain them. Some wish their muscles were bigger, others are worried about getting too bulky. No matter whether it’s body fat, muscle growth, body hair, or skin – there aren’t very many people who are entirely happy with the way they look. Why is that? And how much does it have to do with health and fitness?

Being Healthy and Fit vs. Looking Healthy and Fit 

If you are slim and have good muscle definition, the general assumption is that you are healthy and fit – especially in Western culture. So people who do not fit this image are often criticized for being unhealthy and out of shape. The most common point of reference used to evaluate your “health” is the body mass index (BMI), the goal being to reach your healthy or ideal weight. That’s why many people get on the scale day after day to monitor their progress. In fact, the number on the scale does not determine how healthy and fit a person is. 

According to Harvard Health Publishing, there are 5 key factors and habits in a healthy lifestyle. 

Nutrition: a healthy diet includes vegetables, fruit, nuts, whole grain products, healthy fats, and omega 3 fatty acids. Trans fats, processed and sweetened foods and…

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