It’s in every athlete’s best interest to protect the environment. Athletes have the privilege of spending significant time outdoors. Ensuring that our training and racing is as environmentally friendly as possible is not just good for us; it’s good for the Earth.

Read on to learn a few tricks athletes and event organizers can use for environmentally friendly races.

Learn why ending plastic waste should be a priority for everyone.

Environmentally Friendly Races for Athletes

Athletes have an outsized impact on the environment since nature often serves as our training area. Here are some ways athletes can make their training and racing more environmentally friendly:

Check if the Race is Environmentally Friendly

Does the race mention environmental friendliness anywhere? For example, does the website mention sustainability topics like power for the event, litter cleanup and recycling, etc.? 

Check to see if the event has a third-party certification of their environmental program. As with anything, do your research and ensure that the event backs up its environmental claims. If you’re not sure, reach out to the organizers. 

Reach out to event organizers even if the event isn’t environmentally friendly. Let them know the…

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