How to Prevent Inner Thigh Chafing and Jogger’s Nipple

Tired of your skin feeling like it’s being slowly sanded down as you exercise? Chafing is a skin irritation caused by friction. Inner thigh chafing is often caused by thighs rubbing together while walking or running. Chafed nipples, often referred to as “jogger’s nipple,” occur from nipples rubbing against clothing. 

Preventing chafing is simple. This guide will show you how to prevent inner thigh chafing, jogger’s nipple, groin chafing, buttocks chafing and armpit chafing. You will also learn how to heal chafed skin.

Suffering from cramps too? Learn how to stop muscle spasms and cramps.

Keep reading to stay chafe safe!

Inner Thigh Chafing

Inner thigh chafing happens to most people when they exercise. Someone with bigger thighs will struggle more with inner thigh chafing than someone with smaller thighs. Note that inner thigh chafing is not limited to people who struggle with their weight. People with very muscular thighs can also encounter inner thigh chafing. 

Like all chafing, moisture from sweat and friction causes inner thigh chafing. The inner thighs work hard during most cardio exercises, which means they also tend to sweat a lot. Walking and running can cause inner thighs to rub together.

Moreover, inner thigh…

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