Echelon Ex-5S Exercise Bike (Updated) Review

Echelon Ex-5S Exercise Bike (Updated) Review. Welcome to our review of the Echelon Ex-5S Exercise Bike.

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Echelon Ex-5S Exercise Bike Overview
The Echelon EX-5S is the latest model in the Smart Connect Series by Echelon and was specifically designed for interactive training like every other bike in this series. It is a solid bike with a sleek design and a sturdy frame. It is the heaviest model in this series weighing an astounding 124 lbs, but is still compact and light enough to fit any home gym. Compared to its predecessor the EX5, the new addition featured is the 21.5” HD Touchscreen that enables you to view the immersive workouts that have been paired with the Echelon Fit app. However, this new flashy screen makes the EX-5S more pricey compared to its predecessor and we aren’t too sure if the screen is worth the price added to the bike…(read more)

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