The best running shoes for you are the ones that keep you healthy and achieving your health and fitness goals. If you run or work out, then you need the right shoes. This guide will help you find your best running shoes based on your unique needs.


Foot types fall into low, average and high arches. Find your arch height at home in three easy steps:

Place your feet into a shallow pan of water and get the bottom of your feet wet.Step onto a piece of cardboard or something similar with your wet feet.Pull your feet away to reveal your arch shape.

Now is an excellent time to take a picture of your footprints before they dry. Compare the image to the descriptions below to find your arch type and which running shoe types may be best for you:

Low arch: You have a low arch if you see almost the entire footprint. Your foot may roll inward when you run or walk. You may need a stability or motion-control shoe if the rolling is significant.Normal arch: You have normal arches if you see about half of your footprint. You can probably wear a wide variety of shoes.High arch: You have high arches if you only see the ball of your foot, a thin line on the outside of your foot and your heel. Your feet may roll outward when…

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