No Gym? No Problem! Jimmy the Engineer’s Epic Transformation.


It’s amazing what can happen in 12 months with the right plan!

This is Jimmy, an aeronautical engineer from Atlanta who is currently getting his master’s in aerospace engineering.

He joined our Online Coaching Program in early 2019 and let us know he had a dream of being able to dress up and cosplay as Spider-Man (photo below).

(As somebody who used to dress up like Superman 4 days a week, I get it.)

Jimmy’s situation had some interesting wrinkles:

He works a full-time job AND is studying to become an aerospace engineer.
He was a self-described “picky eater” and wasn’t sure how to fix his diet.
He had worked out in the past, but didn’t enjoy going to the gym.

To that, we said, “Well, Jimmy, let’s get to WORK.”

(cue the training montage and Spider-Man music!)


Coach Justin from Team Nerd Fitness created a specific program for Jimmy called “Operation Holland.”

You know, like Tom Holland, the actor who plays Spider-Man.

Justin and Jimmy worked hand-in-hand (well, virtually anyway) through the Nerd Fitness app to build a program that fit Jimmy’s busy life.

12 months later…you be the judge.

I’d say “Operation Holland” was a success!

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