6 Tips for Helping Busy Moms Stay Fit

6 Tips for Helping Busy Moms Stay Fit

Daily exercise is a critical component of an overall healthy lifestyle. However, every busy mother knows finding ways to get exercise in while juggling all the other responsibilities you have can be challenging. Here are ways to get your daily exercise in so you can live a healthier life for yourself and for your family.

1. Walk it Out

Regardless of your child’s age, taking daily walks with your children is an easy way to get your exercise in while your children also get some quality outside time with you. Consider making it a daily rhythm in your schedule to take a walk early in the morning if your children are young or take a family walk after dinner with older children who have later bedtimes. Utilizing a fitness watch or your smartphone to track your steps can help you see how far you are walking each day. Aim for 10,000 steps per day. 

2. Keep Your Summer Cool

If you are home with your children in the summer, make it a priority to find cool water to keep yourself and your children nice and cool in summer’s heat. If you live in South Carolina, one way to always have access to water is to find a local swimming pool…

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