ProForm Tour de France CBC Auto Resistance with iFit App review – Costco Peloton bike alternative!

EXPAND FOR MORE INFO and recommended accessories.
Heart Rate Monitor: (more info below)
Pedals: (same as I use, clip in)
Women’s Shoes: (clip in shoes, see them in my Echelon videos)
Bike Mat:

Mens shoes recommendation (spd):
Shoe option (cheaper):

Heart rate monitor video review:

How to change pedals and closer look at tiem shoes and pedals:
The bike we started on:

This is a ProForm Tour de France CBC indoor cycling bike from costco demonstration of iFit and the personalized automatically changing digital resistance. Chapters:
0:00 start

2:26 digital resistance demo
3:48 resistance knob
4:38 connecting iFit
6:04 iFit tour
6:41 Leaderboard
7:05 more iFit tour
9:56 leaderboard metrics
11:11 physical buttons
13:26 adjusting resistance on screen
16:30 live ride
18:38 final thoughts
In this video I show how to activate iFit and connect your tablet to the costco ProForm Tour de France CBC bike. I also share a lot of my opinions and thoughts on this indoor cycling bike and how some of the features compare to the peloton bike plus and the peloton app.

I don’t think this costco indoor cycling bike will be a good match for the peloton digital app because of the auto adjusting resistance feature. You should only get the ProForm Tour de France CBC if you want to use the iFit app probably because the ifit app may be the only way to control the magnetic resistance other than the buttons on the console…(read more)

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