Running at Night: Tips for Healthy Habits

Whether it’s a new year’s resolution, another birthday has passed, or you are just ready to feel better in your body, there’s no time like the present to make a change.

If you’ve ever struggled with early morning workouts, why not try night-time running to mix things up? Discover the benefits of running at night – and not waking up early – with our guide below.


Scientists have studied sleep for over a century. We now know that our bodies have an internal clock, reset each day by daylight. For some, this circadian rhythm or clock runs faster, causing them to wake and work earlier. These early birds are known as “larks”.  

For others, the clock runs slower. In so-called “night owls” the sleep hormone melatonin remains high in the early morning. This makes early morning workouts especially difficult as the body’s systems are still in sleep mode. Night owls often lack motivation and alertness to perform at their best early in the day and are most productive after 6pm. 

Work-life schedules usually require us to be out of bed by 7am. There is a limit to how much we can adjust our wake-sleep cycles due to the routine of society around us. However, the choice of when to work out allows…

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