10 Foods To Avoid Before a Run

In an ideal world, every runner would have access to a banana, avocado with sea salt, or a piece of warm toast with jam before a run. Alas, life gets crazy, and there’s not always time to visit the grocery store for a perfect pre-run snack. 

Skipping a meal is out of the question: running on a body depleted of glycogen will cause mental and muscle fatigue. But running on a stomach full of hard-to-digest food can lead to cramps, gas, blood sugar variations, and sluggishness. In fact, a pre-workout snack can make or break a run.

Running nutrition is complex. There is no such thing as “the best diet for runners.” Everybody is different, and it’s only through trial-and-error that a runner learns what serves them best. The foods listed below are often bothersome to the general population. Yet, they may not affect some athletes. Use this list as an educational guide to crafting your own pre-run snack – even if it seems totally random!

1. Bell Peppers and Cucumbers

Bell peppers and cucumbers dipped in hummus are a delicious and nutritious snack for runners. However, it’s best reserved for after a run, rather than before. The skin of these foods is extremely dense and fibrous, making it difficult for the body to break down….

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