Today I’m going to help you achieve your first push-up!

Yep, I know that sounds super confident. But it’s because I have a push-up progression plan that’s helped loads of clients in our Online Coaching Program crush their first push-up. 

We help people get their first push-up and we’re really good at it. Learn more:

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Follow our guide and you’ll be doing “Earth Downs” in no time:

Let’s get started.

What’s the Best Push-up Progression Plan?

As I discuss in the video above, the most important part of your push-up progression plan: consistency.

Yeah, I know, there’s nothing too earth-shattering there.

But no matter what your current strength level is, the best way to work towards a push-up is to train your push muscles consistently. No matter where you’re starting today.

This is how our friend Mason went from wall push-ups to regular push-ups, then all the way to diamond push-ups.

Oh, and he lost like 70 pounds along the way too!

I’ll discuss push-up variations you should start with in the next section. Plus, we’ll wrap up today’s guide by discussing just how often you should train your push muscles.

Just remember, if you want your first push-up (and you should,…

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