The 5 Best Core Exercises (How to Strengthen Your Core)

So you want to learn about the best core exercises?

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We help men, women, and intergalactic bounty hunters grow strong as part of our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program, and we always put an emphasis on core muscles when we build client workouts.

Are you training your core muscles correctly? Let our coaches help you decide!

Here’s what we’ll cover to answer the question, “What are the best core exercises?”

Alright buckeroo, let’s do this thang!

Why Is Training Your Core Muscles Important?

You use your core muscles for just about everything:

Getting out of bed in the morning? Not without a sturdy core.
Pushing a grocery store cart across the parking lot? Your core will make that happen.
Fighting off ninjas who just discovered your secret identity? Karate kicks require a strong core.

You get the gist.

So what exactly do we mean when we say “core”?

Contrary to popular belief, your core isn’t just your abs.

Some of the muscles found in your core include:

Erector spinae: this is the muscle around your spine and helps you stand up straight.
Rector abdominis: better known as your “abs.” 
Obliques: these are found on the sides of your torso and help you…

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