The 4 Best Home Workouts: No Equipment Workouts

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Exercising at home has so many great benefits:

It’s simple to start and the environment is not intimidating.
You can jump in the shower right after getting sweaty.
No need to carry a gym bag around all day…

Here you can find the best 4 home workouts, each with a different focus, and stay in shape with no equipment:

How many reps/sets should you do?

Do at least 2 rounds, but if time and fitness level allow – do 4, 5, or even more! Choose the number of reps for each exercise, so that it’s challenging but you can still maintain good form. The recommended range is anywhere between 5-20 reps.

Full Body Workout

A challenging full body home workout. Variations for beginners and ways to make the exercises harder are suggested below.



Couch Dips: Beginners can do Triceps Dips instead.
Split Squats: Beginners can do regular Squats, Forward Lunges, or Backward Lunges.
Decline Push-ups: Beginners can substitute with regular Push-ups or Knee Push-ups.
Hip Thrusters: Lifting one leg in the air makes the exercise harder.
Glute Bridge: Beginners can do this exercise with both feet on the floor instead of on an elevated surface. Additionally, lifting one leg off the couch makes the exercise…

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