Taking Body Measurements: How to Track Fitness Progress

If you’re on a weight loss or fitness journey, you need to read this article.


Because tracking your body measurements and fitness progress can be crucial for getting in shape!

Those who succeed in transforming themselves are those who write everything down. As they say “That which gets measured gets improved.”

Or as we tell our 1-on-1 Online Coaching clients, “track the problem to crack the problem!“

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Today, we teach you these life-changing habits:

Let’s jump right in!

How Do You Measure Fitness Progress?

Does this sound familiar?

You decide you want to get in shape.
You go for runs every day for a week and try to eat less food.
You step on the scale every day for a week and the numbers go down. Yaaaay!
You go to a cookout on a Sunday, step on the scale on Monday, and it’s higher than before!
You freak out, go crazy, and fall off the wagon.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’d guess this is 80% of people who try and fail to get in shape.

Fortunately, you’re reading Nerd Fitness which means you’re most likely smart, incredibly good looking, humble, and aware that doing the same thing over and over again while expecting…

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